Coyote C++: Where unit tests write themselves and you take the credit.
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Why Coyote?

Coyote C++

Coyote C++, an automated unit testing tool,
seamlessly integrates symbolic testing and machine learning.
With a single click, it revolutionizes the entire unit testing process,
offering users a 10-fold increase in productivity
and significant cost reduction.

If you want to delve into deeper...

Significantly reduces the cost of unit testing that accounts for 70% of the total testing cost, increasing client satisfaction

Shortens development time by automatically creating and executing test cases and test harnesses at high speed

Ensures comprehensive, precise, and meaningful test cases, streamlining the testing process and maximizing efficiency

Establishes a structured test process and improves a QA process by automated unit testing.


Key features

Automated Test Case Generation

Experience the magic of hands-free testing with our automatic test case generation – because your software deserves the cutting-edge treatment

90%+ Code Coverage with Seamless Automation

Enhance your code’s reliability with Coyote C++, boasting an impressive 90%+ code coverage – where excellence is not an option, but a guarantee.

Tailored Customization and Configuration

Shape your software’s destiny with the freedom of customization and configuration, ensuring it’s not just a program, but a reflection of your unique vision.

Effortless Traceability and Debugging

Unlock the secrets of seamless coding with our traceability and debugging features, turning challenges into triumphs on the path to flawless software.

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